Cory Carrier

After years of providing computer services all over San Diego county with his computer consulting business, Cory found that a number of his clients were being scammed by companies offering free web site design if they would just sign a 2 year contract for hosting often at 5 to 10 times the normal cost for hosting a web site. Many of these web sites were marginal in quality, at best.

After some research and learning that web sites were created by writing code in the HTML language, Cory taught himself how to write in HTML code. (Cory used to write database programs in the dBase language, so it was just learning a new code language) Cory still writes all of his own HTML code today, which helps to create web sites with little overhead allowing them to be displayed quickly. Cory also understands about meta tags, keywords, alt text and other coding procedures which help the sites to be "spider" friendly. Compressing the photos and other graphics are also techniques Cory uses to help the web sites display quickly.

Cory still has his computer consulting business with a number of clients that he takes care of their computer networking, internet security and computer repair needs on a regular basis. You can read more about the computer services, as well as other services, at

Cory has also spent many years creating both Powerpoint video presentations and DVD videos. For over 30 years Cory has had a mobile DJ service ( ) and has been told that his DVD video "Photo Shows" actually have a heartbeat because the pictures flow along with the beat of the music. Many of his DJ clients have used him to create professional video presentations for Business Meetings, Seminars, Weddings, Pageants and other events. Cory's experience is now combined with Melinda's experience in creating video presentations that can also be used for marketing and training.

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