At CM Design Concepts, we believe that your marketing program is like a multi-spoke wheel, with your web site as the hub of your wheel.

All your printed materials, advertising, promotional and other marketing items should be kept generic and pointing to your web site.

Your web site can be changed at any time without having to incur re-printing or other expensive costs.

Your printed and advertising items can stay consistent while your web site is static and can be changed as needed.

Web Design - CMDC will design a web site to match your business personality. (check out some of our designs) Your web site will be clean and easy for the prospective customer/client to navigate and view. We believe in the 3-5 second rule. When a prospective customer/client first views your web site, they need to know within 3-5 seconds that they are at the right place to get what they want. Your web site can also be a great source of information about your company. Employ your web site to spend less time on the phone assisting or faxing information to prospective customers/clients.

Branding - CMDC will help you brand your website with your business card, brochure, banner, or any other advertising material. Branding means that people will recognize "your look" because your advertising materials will all have the same feel to them. (check out some of our branding designs)

Graphic Design - From logos and business cards, to brochures and postcards, CMDC will handle all your graphic design needs. Our talented team will both help you with your graphic design and your printed materials so that they will not "expire" but can be used for years. By keeping your printed and other marketing items "generic" you can continue to use them even if your business makes changes. (your website can reflect your business changes)

DVD/Video Presentations - CMDC can also create and produce DVD, Video, and Powerpoint Presentations to be used as additional business resources. Depending on your business, you may find that a DVD Video is a good marketing item to send to prospective customers. Our team at CMDC has had years of creating all kinds of DVD Videos and other Video Presentations.

Direct Mail/Target Marketing - Another great way to market your business is with Direct Mail. Not only can we help you design a 4-color eye-catching postcard, but we can also provide you with a Target Name List to match the demographics of your prospective clients. This name list can be used to send out your 4-color postcard, with just enough information to spark an interest in and drive the prospective customer to your web site.

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